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About Docsociety

The docsociety is a brotherhood of Catholic men working to restore fatherhood and fraternity among Catholic priests and laymen. Our founding document was a response to the murder of a Catholic layman by a homosexual predator priest trained at the St Paul Seminary.

The Essays and Documents section contain multiple essays by the principal author of this site, Dr. David Pence. He explores the anthropology and psychology of male relationships related to an apostolic and celibate priesthood. There are also essays on the masculine group as a fundamental form of public friendship constituting the nation. This section as well as the power point slides in the presentation/lectures section can be read with no references to the more particular and accusatory sections.

The Locus for reform: the Story of one Diocese section features the public investigative report of Catholic laymen in the Archdiocese of St. Paul (given at a 2006 Lenten meeting of 150). It is a sordid history of our diocesan priesthood in a series of papers beginning with the “White Paper on Breakdown of Priestly Fraternity“. Real names are used throughout.

One of our investigative projects was helping to understand the attempt to remove the University of st Thomas from the control of incoming Archbishop Nienstedt and all subsequent archbishops not acceptable to the current board and their self perpetuating successors. See Communion and Contest at the University of St Thomas.

The reform of the Catholic priesthood will occur at different times in specific dioceses. A strong bishop will father a Eucharistic brotherhood of priests in a local diocese. Their renewed priestly communion will be forged in an anthropologically mature Christian brotherhood of both laymen and clerics. The manly character shaped in such a renewed diocese will be marked by that particular fruit of brotherly love-fortitude. Our work is to cultivate that virtue by fostering that bond.

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